Create QR Codes

In the Manage QR Codes screen, create your QR Codes by simply typing the QR Code IDs and descriptions in the table.

It works the same as an excel sheet which supports cut(Ctrl/Cmd X), copy(Ctrl/Cmd C) and paste(Ctrl/Cmd V) action.

QR Code Styling

You can customise the styles, colours and logos of your QR code. Click "Save" to confirm your changes. The style will apply to all QR codes.

Download QR Codes

You can download individual each QR code into a PDF or image, or download all QR codes into one PDF document.

QR Codes with Default Sytles

If you don't need customised QR codes, you can also download preset QR codes (up to 100 unique QR codes) with instructions in PDF format.