How to Set Up QR Codes for Multiple Sites

If there are multiple sites in your business, you can create multiple custom QR codes and attach one QR code to each site. It also works well if you have multiple tables or areas in your business and you want them to be identifiable in Visitor Records.

Step 1

In Manage QR Codes, create a QR code by entering a QR Code ID. We recommend you give the QR code an identifiable ID (eg. site name) as it will appear in Visitor Records.

Though the description field is optional, you can enter the site name in description and have it displayed in the Visitor Form (more details in Step 3).

Step 2

Repeat the above step to create QR code for each of your sites. Don't forget you can customise colours and styles of the QR codes!

Step 3

Turn on the "Display QR Code Description" in the Custom Form section if you want the QR code description displayed in your visitor form.

Click "Apply Update" to confirm your updates.

Step 4

When a visitor visits one of your sites and scans the QR code of that site, the corresponding QR Code ID will display in Visitor Records.