Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with GuestTrack

Subscription & Pricing

GuestTrack offer different subscription options including free trial and paid subscriptions. Please see our Pricing page for more details.

GuestTrack is an initiative by BGL to help our clients (Accountants) help their clients (Small Businesses). As industry leading software developers, GuestTrack was something we released quickly to relieve some stress for our community. Moving forward, GuestTrack will be evolving into a visitor management system and continue to provide the best user experience to our clients.

We cannot sell or profit from any of the personal guest data collected by GuestTrack as it is encrypted, and we simply do not have access to it. The data is owned by the GuestTrack account owner (business using GuestTrack) and no one else can decrypt or access this data. Please view our Privacy Policy and Subscription Agreement at the bottom of the this page.

How to generate visitor QR codes?

Once registered, you can generate visitor QR codes on your GuestTrack management dashboard. You can generate unlimited QR codes and customise the names and styles for the QR codes.

See our help article here.

How to create a visitor form?

The default visitor form contains name, phone number and email address(optional) fields. You can further add or remove data fields on the management dashboard.

See our help article here.

How to create multiple locations/venues?

There are two options for multiple businesses/venues:

  • You may generate multiple QR codes on your management dashboard, give each QR code a unique name (eg. Venue1, Venue2) and attach separate QR codes to each business/venue. See help article here.
  • (Please note only one visitor form ie. one set of questionnaire can be created via this method. If you need different visitor forms for your venues, see the below method.)

  • Alternatively, create multiple projects (ie. businesses) via the My Projects feature. See help article here.
  • How to check-in visitors using an iPad or tablet.

    You can set up GuestTrack on an iPad and use it as a check-in kiosk for those who do not have mobile phones. See instructions here.

    How to add additional users to the account?
    Simply use the “Invite New User” function on the management dashboard to add new users to your current account. Each user will have their own log in email and password.

    Visitor Check-ins & Check-outs

    Check-in & Check-out Features Summary

  • Group check-in
  • Frequent visitors are remembered
  • Customisable fields: Covid declaration, address, textbox, dropdown, checkbox, signature, weblink etc
  • Alternative check-in methods for those who without mobile phones: 1. iPad/tablet kiosk check-in 2. Owners check-in visitors on the dashboard 3. Manual record entry
  • Call-to-action button which links to a file or url (eg. menu, website) for guests to open
  • Check-in summary in an image or email
  • Phone number format valiation
  • Business logo on visitor form
  • Site/branch name on visitor form
  • Check out function & Auto check out
  • Can visitors check in multiple people using one device? How about family with children?
    Yes. Visitors can check-in up to 5 persons in one go. Therefore Parents can check-in for their children.

    They can also check-in more visitors after each submission.
    What if visitors do not have a mobile phone with them, or fail to scan the QR code?
  • Use an iPad or tablet as a check-in kiosk for visitors to fill in details themselves. Read more.
  • Owners check-in visitors on the dashboard. Read more.
  • Can the system remember frequent visitors and prefill their information to the check-in form?
    Yes. If visitors return with the same phone/device, then upon scanning the QR code, their details will be auto-populated and they only need to click submit to complete their check-in.
    How do visitors check out?
    There are 4 ways to check out:

    • Visitors click the Check Out button displayed on their mobiles or in the email after they check in.

    • If owners have set up iPad kiosk for visitors, visitors can click the Check Out button on the Welcome Screen.

    • Visitors scan the Check Out QR Code. Owners can download a Check Out QR Code in the system and display it at the exit.

    • Owners check out visitors on the management dashboard.

    Visitor Data Management & Data Security

    Visitor Management Features Summary

  • Unlimited locations and QR codes
  • Manual entry of visitor data
  • iPad/tablet check-in
  • Auto guest check-out
  • View and download visitor records 24/7
  • Real time onsite visitor number
  • Multiple logins to one account
  • Customisable data retention period
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Check-in data analytics
  • Is the visitor history updated in real time?
    Yes. Visitor history will be available on your management dashboard as soon as a visitor checks in.
    How do I access the visitor records?
    You can access visitor records on your management dashboard. The records can be searched by date, combined with QR Code ID, name, mobile number and email address. Data can be downloaded to a csv or pdf file.
    How is the data stored? Is my data secure?
    The data is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sydney Region. There are 3 copies of data and they are backed-up every 5 minutes to minimise the risk of data loss. All data is encrypted to the highest security standard with AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and any decryption will be recorded into Audit Log.

    Your data is owned by you. No one, including developers and AWS employees can decrypt or access your data.

    We will not contact any of your visitors after they have checked-in with GuestTrack. Nor will we data mine or sell any data gathered, apart from keeping general statistics on the number business registration and check-ins.

    You can find the GuestTrack Subscription Agreement and Privacy Policy links down the bottom of this page.

    Subscription and Cancellation Terms

    How are subscriptions billed?

    If you only sign up for the 14 Day Free Trial, you will not be billed.

    Paid Subscriptions are billed either monthly or annually. Your selected payment method will be charged automatically on a recurring monthly or annual basis. Your subscription will be renewed automatically, and you will be charged on the first day of each billing period unless you cancel. All Subscriptions are listed and charged in AU Dollars.

    You may follow the following steps to view your billing details (e.g. billing period, next payment date):

  • Sign in to your management dashboard
  • Click "Settings" in the left menu bar and then select "Subscription"
  • In the Subscription page, click "Current Plan" for your plan
  • Refer to "Last Invoice" and "Upcoming Payment" sections for details
  • What payment options are available for individual subscriptions?
    We currently only accept credit/debit card payment via Visa, Mastercard and American Express (AMEX).
    How do I update my payment method?

    To update your credit card information, please follow the instructions below:

  • Sign in to your management dashboard
  • Click ‘Settings’ in the left menu bar and then select ‘Subscription’
  • In the Subscription page, click ‘Current Plan’ for your plan
  • Click ‘Change Credit Card’ button under Update Credit Card section to update
  • How do I download my Invoices?

    Invoices are sent automatically to your email address registered with your master account after every charge. They currently cannot be accessed from your management dashboard. So please check your email inbox/spam to download the Invoices. If you cannot find an Invoice, you can request a copy of the Invoice by completing the contact us form.

    What is your cancellation and refund policy?
    You can cancel your subscription any time via your management dashboard settings. However, your payment is non-refundable and your service will end from the date of cancellation.

    Please note that we do not offer prorated refunds for cancelled subscription plans. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account.


    The QR code won't scan

    Most IOS and Android phones have the capability to scan a QR Code directly using the phone’s built-in camera. Visitors with older Android phones can use the GuestTrack QR Code Scanner or any QR code scanner app available via the Google Play Store.

    See a step-by-step guide on how to scan QR codes with Android phones here .

    Businesses can also check-in visitors via

  • Management Dashboard > Check In Visitors, or
  • Manage QR Codes > Click the icon next to a QR code > Provide the unique url to the QR code to visitor
  • Blank screen after sign up or sign in

    If the webpage becomes blank after you clicking "sign up" or "sign in", and your device is connected to your office's internet, it could be an issue related to your company's firewall. If switching to mobile data solves the issue, please advise your company's IT department to white-list the GuestTrack domain

    Covid-19 Related

    What should I do if I am requested to provide the visitor history by the Government?
    You may follow the following steps to prepare the data:

    • Sign in to your management dashboard and search the date in interest in Visitor Records.
    • Download a csv copy of the data.
    • You may need to repeat the above steps if a positive case and likely contacts visited your business on multiple days.
    • Hand the copy to the Government.

    Please note that we will not share the data directly with the Government.
    What are the regulations for contact tracking in Australia?
    Please check your relevant government website for the latest requirements for contact tracing . Regulations are continually changing, so please understand that it is your responsibility to regularly check relevant sites or other correspondence from the government.