Use Cases

See how GuestTrack can help your industry.

Retail & Hospitality

We help small businesses to reopen.

Create QR codes with unique names and place them on the entrance and tables of your restaurant. You can also set up a menu or a link to your website in the GuestTrack system for your customers to view after they check-in.


GuestTrack help you monitor the check in and check out of your trails, visitors of camp sites and tourists in guided tours. Our easy-to-use visitor form and remember frequent user features will be loved by your visitors.

Health & Aged Care

Paperless visitor recording eliminates the needs for pen and paper, which keeps your patients and residents safe.

Real Estate & Property Management

With our unlimited QR codes feature you can place one QR code in each property and easily track your visitors for each property.

Offices & Education Institutions

With our fully customisable visitor form, you can design a set of questionnaires that suit your business needs. Not limited to Covid check-in, our system can be used as a tool for staff attendance and visitor management.

Gym, Sports Club & Community Centre

A free, easy-to-set-up and user-friendly solution for the community. Unlimited check-ins and real time visitor record update means you can monitor attendance and the number of visitors on site.