1. Create QR Codes

In the Settings > QR Codes, create a QR Code by typing QR Code ID and Description in the table.

It works the same as an excel sheet which supports cut(Ctrl/Cmd X), copy(Ctrl/Cmd C) and paste(Ctrl/Cmd V) action.

Click "Save" to confirm your changes.

QR Code IDs

If you are creating multiple QR codes, it is important that you pick meaningful IDs for the QR codes.

Some examples of QR code IDs:

Office, based on areas
QR Code ID Description
Reception Reception area check-in
MeetingRoom Meeting room check-in

Office, based on people
QR Code ID Description
Staff QR code for staff
Visitor QR code for visitor
Construction sites, based on locations
QR Code ID Description
101CollinSt 101 Collin check-in
455GeorgeSt 455 George Street check-in

Events, based on dates
QR Code ID Description
08MayTriviaNight 08 May Trivia Night registration
10JunNetworking 10 June networking event register

2. Download QR Codes

You can download individual QR code into a PDF or image, or download all QR codes into one PDF document.