What's new in GuestTrack?

The BGL team has delivered a sensational update to GuestTrack - powered by BGL, with new intelligent features allowing you to create a seamless and engaging check-in experience for your guests. Simply login to your GuestTrack account to take advantage of these powerful new features!

Visitor Record Deletion

We have added a deletion feature to visitor records. Businesses can delete unwanted records in the system

Visitor Records Bulk Export

Businesses now have the ability to download visitor records for a period in the last 2 months. Simply select a period and click "Export Records". Records will be downloaded into a csv file.

GuestTrack International Site

Did you know that GuestTrack provide services in countries around the world? If you are a business outside Australia, sign up/login via our international site. The system will auto populate country code on the visitor form based on location and provide phone number format validation.