GuestTrack Blog

What the Basic Subscription has to Offer

There are a number of features which are exclusively available to our paid subscription users. These features are intelligent and can help businesses manage visitor records in a more efficient way.

Record Import

Businesses can upload past or future visitor records to the system, so that records from different sources can be kept in one place, electronically.

Auto Check Out

Businesses have the ability to set a rule eg. "after x hours", "at 10pm every day" to have the their visitors checked out automatically. It would give businesses more accurate onsite guests data in case of guests forgetting to check out when they leave.

Customisable Data Retention Period

Flexible visitor data retention allows businesses to use GuestTrack for purposes in addition to Covid check-in, eg. employee sign in, club membership management.

Multi Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your account by adding SMS verification.

Your Logo on Visitor Form

Brand the visitor form with your own logo. More customised look and feel.

Guest Signature Download

Businesses can now add a signature field to visitor form. Paid users can download the signature along with visitor records into a pdf document.

Ad Free

Your guests are guaranteed to have seamless ad-free check-in experience.

Add-On Features

More intelligent features are available to be added to your Basic Subscription:

  • Unlimited Users
  • API Access
  • Details and pricing can be found here.

    Feel free to contact us if there are other features that you wish to add to your subscription.