Introducing SmartDocs, the AI powered document recognition function

SmartDocs is a document recognition function which utilises machine learning algorithm to extract information from documents. The SmartDocs function would be a perfect solution for those who wish to collect documents from visitors (eg. IDs) on their arrival. In addition, we can do more than storing a photo in the system. SmartDocs is able to extract text and data from the photo uploaded and present the information in plain text.

Currently SmartDocs is at the Beta stage, supporting data extraction for passports and driver licences.

1. Purchase the add-on

Go to Settings > Subscription > Current Plan.

Add the "SmartDocs" add-on.

2. Add the "ID Document" custom field to visitor form

Go to Settings > Custom Fields, click "Add Field", select "ID Document" field from the dropdown. Save your settings once complete.

3. Visitor uploading documents on check-in form

A "Upload ID Document" button will then be added to the visitor form. The button will direct your visitors to a document upload page.

Visitors can choose to take a photo or upload a photo from their phone

Visitor can submit the check-in once upload is completed.

4. View the document and extracted results

The document and its data can be accessed from the Visitor Records screen.

Information from the ID document is automatically extracted and made available for business owners to review and use.