Troubleshooting Common Issues

The QR code won't scan

All iPhones and most of Android Phones come with built-in QR Code reader in their camera app. Visitors can scan the QR code by opening up their smartphone’s camera and allowing it to focus on the code.

Some Android phones may not come with the QR code scanning functionality. In that case please suggest your guests to

  • Use the GuestTrack QR Code scanner, or
  • Download a QR code scanner app from the Google Play Store.

  • You may also use an alternate method to check-in your guests:

  • Check in guests from the Check in Visitors tab on the management dashboard, or
  • Advise your guests to access the visitor form from their browser via the QR code link (which is available under Manage QR Code > Custom QR Codes > Click on the QR code icon)
  • Turn your iPad/tablet into a check-in kiosk and let your guests enter details on the iPad. More details here.

  • No check out record found

    If your guests check-out via scanning the check-out QR code and it shows "No check out record found", it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The user checks out with a different device or browser
  • User's browser is in private mode when check-in and check-out

  • You may also suggest your guests to check out by clicking the Check Out button provided on the check-in confirmation screen or in the confirmation email.

    Guest details are not saved for frequent guest on IOS device

    IOS devices have 2 built-in QR Scan methods.
  • Use the camera to read a QR code
  • Open the Code Scanner from Control Center.

  • In order to remember user details, please use the camera to read QR code, this will bring the user to IOS build-in browser to finish the login process. After first time login, the IOS browser will remember user details, and prefill will be available next time.

    Click for more details:Scan a QR code with the iPhone