GuestTrack is a FREE guest check-in application

It helps businesses/communities collect and store data of visitors entering their premises. It has made extremely convenient for over 15,000 businesses/communities to meet their obligations in a COVID-19 environment as well as providing 10 million visitors with an outstanding checkin experience.

Privacy Protection

Visitor information is encrypted and hosted in Australia. Any decryption operations will be recorded into Audit Log. We built ISO-27001 security certified software, which is trusted by the ATO.

Custom Form

A wide range of visitor fields for you to choose from: textbox, dropdown, checkbox, date, address...and more. Customise visitor form to suit your business needs. Your form, your way.

Unlimited QR Codes

Customise QR codes with your business logo and colour scheme. No limit to the number of QR codes you can generate, and they never expire. Register your business and start check-in your visitors today!

We are trusted by these businesses

Check-in your visitors swiftly and safely

To reopen, a number of businesses are required to collect and store visitor and employee information. The way the information is collected and stored must also comply with privacy laws and time limits.

Register, Print, and Go

No app installation is needed. Register your business now and get visitor QR codes ready to use in 3 minutes!

How GuestTrack Works


Print ​& Scan

Print and display the QR Code and advise your visitors to scan on arrivals.
Step 1 Scan QR Code

Complete Details

Visitors enter their contact information, and we will securely store them for you.
Step 2 Complete Details

Easy Check Out

Visitors can check out from the venue with a click of a button.
Step 3 Check Out

Paperless Records

Information will be displayed in a structured format and can be easily downloaded.
Guest Track How to Step 4

Why GuestTrack

GuestTrack is not only designed for restaurants, cafes, hotels and accommodation industry, but can also be applied in sport clubs, recreation centers, gyms, offices, parks, museums, galleries, warehouses, conferences, function venues, beauty services, and you name it. We have designed our system that can support thousands of people checking-in at the same time.

Data Protection

All data is encrypted to the highest security standard with AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and any decryption will be recorded into Audit Log. AWS KMS is designed in a way that no one, including AWS employees, can decrypt or access your data.

Our algorithm is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in Galois Counter Mode (GCM) with 256-bit keys (AES-256-GCM).

We will not contact any of your visitors after they have checked-in with GuestTrack. Nor will we data mine or sell any data gathered, apart from keeping general statistics on the number business registration and check-ins.

Custom Visitor Fields

All fields are customisable in your visitor check-in form, with a wide range of field types to choose from: text-box, drop-down, checkbox, address, date, paragraph...etc. They can be made compulsory and optional.

QR Code Styling

Create custom QR Codes with your business logo and colour scheme. There is no limit to the number of QR Codes you can use and they do not expire.

Key Figures

We are working together to help Australia re-open.


Satisfaction Rate

Happy Businesses

Visitor Check-ins

Key Features

Visitors scan QR code to check in. No more pen and paper are needed.

Records can be searched by date and visitor info, and downloaded to a csv file.

Visitor data is stored complying with privacy laws and encrypted with highest standards.

You can choose what details are required from visitors, eg. Covid-19 Declaration, Home Address, Temperature.

Site location is recognised on scanning QR code, so you know where your visitors have been upon checking records.

You have the ability to add a call-to-action for your guests eg. add a menu or a web link for your guests to open after check-in.


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Call-to-action after Guest Check-in

Add a PDF document and insert a link for your guests to open.